Progressive Brands

If you have a burning desire to achieve more, and live the lifestyle of your dreams, our Progressive Group collective of brands is the best place to start to getting the very latest information for your success in your area of interest. Furthermore, discovering
what potential courses or strategies you should take to push you in the right direction, to progress as quickly as possible.

Explore the options open to you below, for the best path for you to take as an individual, towards making that first step.

We deliver value to you through books, audio and podcasts, online and physical courses, masterminds, mentorships and retreats. We believe that traditional education may make you a living, but self-education could make
a fortune.

This is the best place to get the education you need to improve all areas of your personal and business life and live the life of your dreams! We’re not into personal development – we are into supporting you every step of the way and
you into our community.

We continue to develop our property strategies and investment opportunities. This is all housed under this brand. Our focus is converting commercial properties into desired living spaces.

Join us and discover the busiest, most entertaining and supportive property network across the UK. Take your property investing to the next level, and grow your portfolio with help and advice from experienced members across all areas
the property spectrum.

If you have something to say, either on printed page, by video or podcast we can help get things moving. We offer full agency support, publishing your words to the desired medium, so you can concentrate on what you do best. Focus on
business needs.

As Peterborough’s fastest growing and most innovative independent letting agent, we are here to support you with all your property requirements. Big or small, long or short term, residential or commercial – we offer a wide range of
opportunities and property services to suit all.

We are always here to help anyone with their financial goals and dreams, so if you need the inspiration and community to help you achieve, why not start your journey with us today?

Start your journey

We are:

We believe life is best lived as a progressive journey towards knowing, making and giving more. Empowering the greatness already within everyone. Making money whilst making a difference.

All of our brands follow the same core values:


Always learning, growing, serving and solving.


Embracing and pre-empting change rather than being disrupted by it.


We are available and accessible.
We build communities not machines.

Our core values are what keep our people, our products and our brands on the same progressive path. They are what define us a group of companies, so we can provide amazing experiences for everyone when they spend time with us.