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The Progressive Group and its founders, serial entrepreneurs Mark Homer & Rob Moore are constantly making headlines and breaking world records. The unique knowledge, experience and insight they have gained over the last 12 years has earned them the reputation as some of the foremost experts in both the property and business worlds.

Mark, Rob and the Progressive Group’s world class trainers have been regularly appearing and sharing expert insight and knowledge in major news publications alongside the national radio networks and worldwide news magazines and tv channels over the last 12 years.

Below is just a taste of the internationally recognised publications that we have been featured in recently. These publications will give you a taste of the expert knowledge and insight the progressive group has, further highlighting why we are the UK’s number one Property, Business and entrepreneurship education company.

Progressive Group is making waves in the property, entrepreneurship & investment industries and wider world. Here we have collated all press and media coverage about us, so that you can see what we have been up to.

“If you want something done, get someone better than you to do it”

Huffington Post

“Some mortgage lenders require as little as 5-10%, but obviously this can be really hard when you’re new to the job market and paying a fortune in rent…”

– Mark Homer in the Huffington Post.

Peterborough Telegraph

Plans for 98 one and two bedroom units have been submitted to Peterborough City Council by Progressive Property Assets Ltd of Cygnet Park, Hampton…

Financial Times


“Theresa May’s manifesto pledge to wait until people die before the government can recover the cost of care is an attempt to dress up more punitive rules which are likely to mean that most will be worse off losing more of their hard earned cash to government.”

– Mark Homer in the Express


70,000 sign petition to make rent payments proof you can afford a mortgage.

But Mark Homer, from Progressive Property in Peterborough, said the current rules were too inflexible and should be looked at again.

I’ll be signing the petition,’ he told”.

– Mark Homer in the Metro.

“Mark Homer, a property consultant from Peterborough, voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum. But after sustained criticism of the government’s Brexit strategy in recent days, he now believes the British people should be asked to vote again.”

– Mark Homer in the Financial Times

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